If you've ever searched for "How to remove mould from my home", were your best find.

  • With JohnstonPros we perform all of our Air Quality and Restoration Services, unlike our competitors who subcontract out to the lowest bidder who happens to be on hand that day.  

  • We have the most highly skilled and capable team in South Western Ontario. We can handle any structural issues from the ground up. Literally starting at the foundation, structural supports, and floor joists working up to attic insulation, ventilation, and shingling. 

  • When it comes to flood damage, removal of hazardous materials and removal of mould there is no better team to call than us. We are fully equipped to dry your home and safely remove any damaged material with dehumidifiers, fans, air scrubbers, negative air machines, and industrial vacuums all meeting EACO standards for safety. 

  • Even for the easy stuff we are fast polite and effective, We can remove, replace all the insulation in an attic and clean all the ducts in an average house in a single day. 

  • We handle small dry wall repairs to massive rebuilds, touch up painting to repainting an entire house from walls, ceilings, and trim.Installing lights and changing receptacles to tracing electrical shorts and replacing damaged wire. Changing a roof vent to re-shingling the entire roof. We even have some of the least invasive inspections techniques, with flexible wall scopes, moister meters, and stud finders. So we have no need to remove large amounts of dry wall to find the problem(s). In short we are the only team you need!